About QYOOBS...


Explore a dreamy little island world wrapped in twighlight. Walk, run, and jump in this virtual world, and see what grabs your attention...perhaps the glowing objects in the distance?

QYOOBS is a 'Proof of Concept' project (one of several in production), led by Natalie Staaf, founder of the indie student development team, HOP GIANT.

We chose to develop QYOOBS for Android, using Google Cardboard technologies, and the Unity gaming engine. We invite you to enjoy our little experimental world, and to follow the HOP GIANT team, as we take the next step into a fully original VR project to be shown at PAX West 2016 in September. 

This project is a learning tool for exploring the tools and limitations included in developing VR gaming for Mobile, with the intention of applying what we have learned to a new project, soon to be announced.

HOP GIANT is an independent crew of dedicated Students, who have a passion for problem solving and creative development. For more information about the students who worked on QYOOBS, please visit our bios.

Stay tuned for more on our exciting adventure in Virtual Reality and Interactive Experience development!